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Australis – Bronze Flash

This is an old polish – note the square bottle, not the spiffy round style they have today. It needed a little thinning, but otherwise applied beautifully. It dries a little bit darker than the bottle colour.

Australis - Bronze Flash

After a couple of days I thought I’d try a coat of Essie’s Luxeffects ‘Shine of the Times’ over the top, and wow! It’s a little bit hard to see here, but it really brought out the oranges and reds in ‘Shine of the Times’. The flecks of green around the edges were pretty, but not overwhelming.

Essie - Shine of the Times

Loving that combination!


Set in Citrus

Hi… it’s been a while. My inclination to Konad has dwindled, but the polish has stayed so I figure I might as well share what I’m wearing, even if it’s not stamped. All right, let’s get this nail du jour thing started!

This is Australis ‘Citrus’ – the original orange with gold shimmer, not the new orange creme – with a layer of Essie ‘Set in Stones’. The formula on Citrus is super-streaky for the first coat, but seems to sort itself out for anything after that. Set in Stones is a dream.

Lovely leopards

That this orange on orange leopard print is so hard to see (and photograph!) automatically bumps it to the top of my ‘favourite subversive work konads’ list.

Orange on orange on orange...

Orange on orange on orange...

It wasn’t, admittedly, the look I’d intended to achieve. I thought OPI’s Brisbane Bronze would be browner and Konad’s Pastel Orange would pop more… more of a reverse leopard print than tone-on-tone. In the bottle, the colours look miles apart.

I think I’m most enamoured by the interplay of shimmer and flat colour. A happy accident!

OPI Brisbane Bronze, Konad Pastel Orange and m57, topped with Sephora hardening and strengthening serum.

OPI Brisbane Bronze, Konad Pastel Orange and m57.

Lovely as tone-on-tone nails are, however, I was really hankering after some leopard print nails for tonight’s Roller Derby match. Since I found myself cheering inexplicably for Brutal Pageant in the first clash, I thought I’d show Smash Malice a little love this time.

Delightfully not subtle.

Australis Gold Lurex, Konad Princess Polish in Chocolate and m57, topped with Sephora strengthening serum.

Australis Gold Lurex, Konad Princess Polish in Chocolate and m57.