Mango Lace

Revlon’s Mago Zing! lives up to its name – all the beautiful colours on a mango skin condensed into one hot, hot duo-chromey polish. Foolishly I thought that pastel orange would be more visible, but Mango Zing! subsumed it. If you caught it on just the right angle it stood out, but you’d have to be looking pretty closely to see it.


Revlon Mango Zing! with m57 and Konad Pastel Orange.


On the right angle...


Oh so much zing!

(I also did a really bad job of sitting still while waiting for these to dry; I had to touch up my index several times, which the polish hates, and snagged my pinkie. When I chipped the polish the next day, I gave up and took it off completely.)


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